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Hello ,
I don’t know whether there has already been such a kind of tool in this forum. I just want to share my own to you. It ‘s 100% free.

it can moditor the equity or banlance of your account ,you have 3 ways to set target ,there are all optional.
1 is the Maximal equity target.
2 is the Minmal equity target.
3 is the Drawdown from the highest equity.

when the target is reach,it can close all all trades or pending trades or disable the EA button.

Allply this ea to One chart is enough. any one is ok. it will check the changes of equity every…

Good day,
thank you for your kind efforts in making your utility available to beginers. I sent an e-mail to the address displayed on the EA and I hope I receive a response soon.

Anyone reading this and is in contact with the programer, kindly ask that he reads an respond to main on this EA.

I have found the following, which if changed could assit with the EA’s usability. (A) It gets disbled if other EA’s are giving pop-up alerts. Can it be modified, so that it does not do this?
(B) Does not alow an otion to cycleagain

(1) once it kills existing trades, it could have an option to for an automatic reset for itself (as well as turning back on the EA function in MEtaTrade), based on a pre-computed metric say, I wish to operate in a 1000, pip or $ range split such that Equity target(profit) is at say 550 in front and (drawdown of 450 Pips or $).

This could also be of say a target of 10 % Equity advance and a 5-7.5% Equity drawdown in any cycle, for another equity level monitoring alternative.
(2) It needs to allow other EA’s to function normally Pop-up or otherwise
(3) Once the “close all trades” metric is satisfied, then every open trade is killed in (1), and a new trade/equity management cycle is started. Incidentally, here could have been an upfront option to determine if it is a “stand alone/manual operation” or a “cycle/automatic mode” for the Equity monitoring was desired. One operates once and need to be reset, the other continues until there base level equity is reached say $200.00 (say 5-10% of opening equity, personal margin call if you will) or till stopped manually or a weekly timer.

My e-mail is availablekindy respond. I have some other ideas, for functioning of EA’s but I am unable to code at the moment. I am will ing to partner with someone in this regared. The programer of this EA would be one such person I would like to team up with.

Thanks fprypue reading.

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