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Many years ago I purchased a book by Welles Wilders (The Delta Phenomenon), I could not get this method to work for me so I quickly ditched it and the book went into a box until about two years ago. Whilst twiddling my thumbs I decided to read it again, it dawned on me that if I ditched the parts that did not work what remained may work. The model in the book is based upon the interaction of Sun, Moon and earth. Before you despatch the men in white coats pls allow me to finish.

Firstly we need a datum to measure from, well the earth revolves 360 in 24Hrs = 15 degrees per hour or 0.25 degrees per minute. So I tried midnight initially and I was always out by one hour. Common sense said try 23:00Hrs. This worked.
I chose the one hour chart as it worked well with the method as 60min = 15 degrees so 45degrees is three bars giving the Gann angle of 45 degrees. This makes tracking time intraday easy.

Firstly notice what happens every three bars. This alone serves notice of an impending change.
This is as simple as it gets. Try it or just observe until confidence grows.

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