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{quote} Josh, Pepperstone will keep your trading conditions if you request them to qualify you as Professional Trader. I just did it few seconds ago (got the same mail), it took me like 2 minutes. They’re becoming too much regulations-scared broker, I don’t see the other brokers with same or better reputation giving a damn about this sh.t. As far as I can keep my leverage 1:200 on DAX, with no comissions, spread under 1 pip, I am happy, otherwise I am leaving probably back to my old broker XTB, which meanwhile set comissions, spread, leverage and…

Hi Matomi, I looked into the option to qualify as a pro trader, but in reality there is no way for a smaller trader to qualify. If you pulled it off, my hat of to you.
You have to meet 2 of these requirements, and provide paperwork to support it>
Significantly Sized Trades Per Quarter in the last four quarters
Proof of at least 10 significant sized trades on average with a notional value of Usd10,000 for equities and Usd50,000 for forex, indices and commodities or equivalent in local currency.

Portfolio Size
Proof of the size of your financial instrument portfolio, defined as cash and financial instruments but not including property, non-tradeable assets, cars, or jewellery exceeding EUR 500,000 (or equivalent in local currency).

Financial Sector Experience
Proof of at least one year’s experience as a professional within the financial sector, such as a payslip, company pension statement or employment contract.

Best, Josh

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