derekw replies to: Carpe diem: Intraday tactics for Dax and Dow

Some people in here should show more respect to Deltaone, the owner of this great thread!!!

The rules are very clear;

rule no. 1) posting trades after they are closed is an absolute no go (like “i got long this morning, hours later i made profit.”)
rule no. 2) if you have a trade idea, please be so kind and post long entry/short entry, sl and tp before entering the market or within minutes after doing so.
rule no. 3) make sure that it is clear for others which market you are trading (cash or future), and which instrument you are using (cfds/futures/options).
rule no. 4) please state a reason for your trade idea. charts are welcome, but not a must.

Showing trades after the fact without reasoning and the why means nothing, any fraud can post this sort of trash, do the right thing!!!


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