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Ignoring people extremely new is wise. I”d suggest everybody make it a rule to ignore people who join in 2018. Here is my logic.. behind my thinking… Probability is that they are too new to forex to be any good and ad little value. Forex is about probability. Nothing is 100% sure.. I just go with the best odds. I suggest everybody put the odds in their favor.

How can you come to such a conclusion.a longer term looser has a higher probability than a freshman with new perspective and idea.not considering the fact that ff is not a merit on ones experience or knowledge.
What are the best odds.
They are certainly for the best part not revealed here.
I would suggest some of the most informative posts here are dismissed and lost .
Through the maths or obscured probability I believe there to be slight advantage.
I agree a single chart is futile and pointless but collectively as a whole there is for a better word ,edge.advantage,we are trading in the past but on occasion your advantage is in the collective group ,which for a time cannot be manipulated in way.
A passing stranger may tell you the directions of which you dismiss.whilst the friendly faces you merit are the the same people you keep bumping into.!!!!!!!!

What are flash crashes ….

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