Divergence replies to: DAX Futures Sept 18


{quote} help for you. discipline starts with posting.stop impulsive posting ,impulsive leads to impulsive trading. Your friends are telling you “you need patience”. Next start trading Dow in the afternoon it Is better than the DAX , DAX is a wild animal if you fight a pig you get your hands dirty, dax is a pig. I showed you a positive signal on dow , if you read my post.I am making another 50 points on it. Dow was easy money. Two days sago ,you wrote you were getting into silly trades or something like that, so I BUTTED IN. You can carry on wrestling…

1. My blood is latin, south-italian blood 100%…. but born in German Region of North Italy.
So I can’t change or stop my impulsive way of living, of trade or whatever I do: it’s in my veins.
This can be dangerous for my trades but sometimes or often my German culture help me to mitigate this in my job, in my life.
This way of trading helped me to buy a solid real real estate investment for 1st of my sons last year and I hope to do the same for the 2nd son next year if I keep on in this way. Even Silly trades were part of this solid outcome.
2 .I will not trade anyhing than FDAX. I’m not able to do 2 thins in same way, but 100% focus on 1 wild beast. So thanks for your suggestion but I will keep an eye on S&P500or DOW only ovnight as reference….
3. I don’t want easier money…I only want more money at the end of the day compared to that I had early in the morning . that’s all! Easy or not, I don’t care!

So in this way I don’t need your help. Hope you don’t mind for my frank words.

I call upon my father’s spirit , watching over me

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