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So recently I have had dozens of private messages asking me how I trade, where people can “get the information they need ” to trade, what methods do I use, blah blah blah blah. I guess my vocal outbursts on the forums recently has drawn a little too much attention to myself. Oh well. Time to do something about it I guess.

For years I avoided FF because of its toxic nature and stupid people. I have dipped in and out since I joined all those years ago. I have to say, what I have read in posts over the past few weeks is utter utter nonsense. It’s people that have read forum posts then decided they are the expert now and spout this same drivel to more people.

The amount of times my eyes roll from the garbage I have read on here is enough to make me dizzy. I can’t even list all the ridiculous pieces of “advice” people have given on here because there are so many.

After 7 odd years of trading Forex, I have to be honest. I am bored of it. Over the last few years, I have been making good profits (consistently) from 3 methods.

One manual method which I only look for trades 3 or 4 times a day (literally spending 5 mins each time) and two auto bots I built myself that I look at once a day to see if they have made me money or not.

Now that I am slowly dying inside (lol) from the boredom of Forex I find myself back on here to kill time during the day, trying peoples EA’s just to get a bit of excitement. Then I start reading posts on here and want to launch my laptop out of the window.

For me, the thrill of the chase has started to wain. So with that in mind…… I have thought of a better way to pass the time……

People have asked me to teach them how to trade, but to be honest I don’t have the patience or inclination to do it. I don’t have teaching in my nature. I would just end up shouting at you all day every day.

However, I am prepared to give something back to lost souls on here. I read some of their (your) posts and cringe hoping I wasn’t that deluded and naive when I started.
Let me just be very clear about a few things here:

1. I will NEVER ask you for money EVER
2. I will NEVER ask you to join a skype group to watch me trading and then secretly as you to pay for my time
3. I will NEVER sell or rent my EA/bot (it’s not for sale or rent so please don’t embarrass yourself by asking)
4. I will NEVER sell my signals or copy trades

What I am offering is COMPLETELY FREE – call it an ego boost ( or crush) or call it a pay-it-forward.

Whatever you want to call it its FREE – I neither need or want your money ever. No, seriously I don’t need your money.

I am hoping that’s crystal clear.

I do ask though, that anyone who wants to join in, make a pledge to donate 10 percent of any profits you earn to a charity of your choice. Do your own pay-it-forward by giving to those that need it.

How does this work? : Your MT4 will copy my trades
How will I trade? : One of my EA’s (which I have been using for 5 years and consistently made profits) will do it all for you.
What pairs will be traded? : depends but you would have heard of it 😉
How often will I trade? : that’s for the EA to decide
How much can I make? : depends – I am showing you my trading method with a tiny account to demonstrate that it can make you good money from very little work.
Are there any risks? : of course, its Forex – but I wouldn’t put my k**b on the block on an open forum if I wasn’t confident I can make you money.
Why are you doing this? : To dispell the myth that forex is hard, or complicated.
Can I ask more about the EA? : No sorry she is shy.
What method do you use to trade? : Buy as low as I can, and sell as high as I can.
Can I use a demo account? LOL – of course, and then you can go and spend the pretend profits in the pretend shops. LIVE ACCOUNTS ONLY.

Any stupid posts will be removed and the posters will be blocked without any warning. This is for people who want to make real money not talk about making money.

Can you afford to lose 100 (USD,GBP or Euro)
If the answer is NO – then move on, this post isn’t for you – and I have no idea what you are doing on FF or getting involved in forex anyway.

Yes, there is a possibility you will lose your 100 (unlikely but possible) this is Forex NOT a guaranteed return. I repeat, if you cannot afford to lose it, skip this post.

Take part, don’t take part I really do not care, I am doing this more for me than you. But if you want to get involved it would be good to have you along for the journey.

I will be starting on Monday 4th June. So your Live account etc MUST be set up by Friday 1st June as I am not spending any time on it over the weekend. I have a life.

To take part here is the checklist:

You can only take part if you have been on FF for longer than 3 months. I am not helping complete noobs who can’t navigate around an MT4 platform. To be clear your FF account MUST have been created before MARCH 2018. Also if you are a commercial member you can’t take part either – sorry not sorry.

Your account:
Must be MT4
Must be a LIVE account
Must have 100 funded (either in GBP, USD or Euro)- NO MORE NO LESS
Must be ECN ( low spreads & pay a commission)
Must be 500:1 leverage
You cannot use this account for your own trades whilst I am sending you trades
Must be on a VPS or equivalent (I.e running 24/7)

If you want to take part then you first need to open your live account and fund it with 100 (either is USD,GBP or Euro), set up a Trade Explorer for that account, ONLY THEN do you send me a private message requesting to be included. Please make sure you include your email address.

If you can’t follow the above simple instructions you will be ignored. I will just assume you are a moron that can’t follow basic instructions, and you will be excluded from taking part. I have no intention of helping morons make money.

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