dkrock replies to: All about Rookie trading experience

Hi all,

I never knew there is a forum that can help someone new to forex trading. What is the first thought when started forex.
1) Making tonnes of money.
2) did anyone did become rich from trading
3) I will be super cool trading full time and
4) can travel anywhere and trade
5) dream of all the things one can do if successfully.

End of the day, it doesn’t matter who did it. It only matter if you can do it. If you asked me, there is definitely someone out there who make it. But still, it doesn’t help you in your trade. Only when you are in profit zone consistently, then it really matter. For starter,
1) always have a open-minded mindset.
2) you can’t do it doesn’t mean no one else can make it
3) continue to learn and improve trading from yourself or others.
3) believe in ying yang.

Every one trade differently, he had tried your way and failed. So he does not believe it work. So there is really no
Right or wrong.

Only your click matter.. Don’t be too occupy on what other
Think. Only positive account make you feel you are on the right track.


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