dkrock replies to: Can you learn to trade from books?

How do humans normally learn anything? They learn from someone else. That is why you talk the way you do, walk the way you do, laugh the way you do, sing the songs you do, dress the way you do, and know the things you do.

So, what happens when you have no one to learn from? You have to do it anyway and then you learn from your mistakes. You most likely made mistakes in every single thing you have already learned in life, so don’t let the fact that money is involved cause you to think the process is any different. When you copied others, you still made mistakes and you used them to improve. Now, with no one to copy, you simply have to make the mistakes. Each mistake brings you closer to success, so keep making them. Knowing you will make them though, you might consider using demo accounts until you think you know enough. Reading books and forums can give you ideas on what to try and what to not try, so by all means, research everything until you are satisfied.

My first trading book was Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets by John J. Murphy. Most of the trading books and videos I have seen are blah, blah, blabber, lol, and are mostly theoretical nonsense based on scenarios. They also often start with long overviews of what markets are and the various ways to trade them. No meat. Also, since most books and videos are from trainers and educators, LOL, and are NOT based on real trading from real traders, they are pretty much useless. You have to filter through them to find pertinent ones. It all depends on what you want to read about: history of some person, history of trading, or theories of trading based on historical charts. If you want a trading system, then you have to look for a trading system, disguised as software, not a book.

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