DonaldDuckie replies to: 18 years Amazing back test result

This is what i think.

For manual traders, they come out with a strategy by looking at the chart, price action, news, etc.
One thing that is necessary is that all information is processed by their brains before they come out with their so called strategies.

For EA traders, instead of using just the brain, we make use of computing power to analysis the strategy, review why it works and why it doesn’t and retest again the strategy.

I always believe that back testing is very important.
It lets the traders to see the result fast and to fail fast so that he can throw away his strategy when it doesn’t work.
Of course when it works, we then need to move on to a demo and live trading to earn real cash.

It will be sad really for a manual trader to only realize his mistakes and shortcoming of his strategy after many years without back testing.
I’ve been through that really and i hope that you will not repeat the same mistake as me which is why i’m willing to share.

Goodluck to all on your trades.
No hard feelings ya.

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