DonaldDuckie replies to: I give up

there were bugs in my eas and other things that I didn’t calculate.

We must act like machines otherwise … MUERTE.

I made some serious trading mistakes in the last days…….if I can recover fine otherwise I’ll have to make a new (smaller) deposit.

I have a big problem with losses. I felt totally hopeless until I found a way to trick my mind into thinking that I’m not trading, therefore I’m not losing.

Simply give up and forget trading… but keep the computer running. LOL

It works for me at least.

Anyways I trade low frequency, and 4% to 6% risk/ trade is doable but the maximum considering slippage.

I also created four demo accounts (2 systems, 2 brokers) to record the performance with a more conservative approach, risk 2% trade.

Right now I use only one broker but I plan to open an account with IG, from what I understand they’ll introduce NBP in august. I use max 1:15 but my risk tolerance is quite low.

also two brokers is better than one
what if one goes bankrupt or doesn’t want you to withdraw ? think about it.

Not sure if I’m going to publish my stats… I’m just bored right now hence why I created this thread.

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