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Please checkout this trailing stop indicator “BATatr stops” this is different from other atrstops out there. There’s a way this indicator’s line move that makes it unique. When prize is pulling back, the line moves back a bit to the nearest resistance/support and stops there. So most times when other ordinary atrstop line of the same settings gets pricked by price, BATatr stop line doesn’t. It rarely gets pricked and when it does, it’s most likely that price dynamics have changed.
Some I’m thinking that if someone can convert the indicator to a trailing stop ea that works with the exact same logic as the indicator with little modifications like:
1.Hidden trailing stop that stays 1 spread away from the indicator line at every point.
2. Stoploss should have a start point. (Number of pips at which it starts trailing)
3.Fixed Hard/Broker’s stop loss setting
4.Breakeven point + breakeven pips.( at this point the ea brings the Hard/broker’s stop loss to breakeven + specified amount of pips profit to protect for unforseen events like connection and power issues while hidden stop loss trails the price based on this indicator’s logic as stated above.
Great coders here please give it a short let’s see.
Ofcource the ea should have settings for atr period, multipli factor and price type just like the indicator but it should have the same logic this indicator uses to move its line.
Find the BATatr stop indicator mq4 file attached.
Happy weekend all.

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