Dr.Admyck replies to: Auction Market Theory and Market Profile

So your strategy is to get in when there is the highest volume, then you choose the direction of the trade by what? This liitle arrows show you the direction?

What is the solarwind indicator? Does it repaint history? I’ve just dowloaded one, but it repaints.

What does this index mean? These are charachteristics of market profile, right? Here we can see the presets, and some calculation properties.
ProfileDataTF, ProfileTF, IBTf, IBNumbars, RowHeight, DayStartHour

ProfileDataTF – obvious, current time frame
ProfileTF – It is the width of profile IMHO
IBTf – no idea
IBNumbars – no idea
RowHeight – some height?
DayStart hour – it’s obvious how many houres +- from 00.00

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