drayzen replies to: TOP 100 best indicators: post good indicators here

I’m using:
(1) Ichimoku Kinko Hyo: To Find Long Terrm Trend, Short Time Trend, Support and Resistance.

(2) Bollinger Bands: To identification about Support and Resistance.

(3) Moving Average of Oscillator (OsMA): To identification about Overbought and Oversold on Trend…

(4) Candlestick Pattern: To Find best moment to Open Position and Trend Reversal and or Trend Correction.

(5) Moving Avarage 50 Day: Support and Resistance…

(6) Manual Trend Line: To Find Trend and or Support & Resistance.

(7) Fibonancy: To Find Support and Resistant.

All Technical is very accurate on Gold, Oil and AUDUSD Pair and Time Frame on H4, D1 and MN.

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Try It…
And Good Luck…

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