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{quote} Hopefully the tap out on retrace option Magix is working on will go someway to reduce this scenario and still generate profits Also as you mentioned in a previous post, management of the account & removing profits as soon as you can should be a priority – that’s if the account is fortunate to be in profit of course but especially if it’s up 300% like this one was and then to lose all

After watching the Strategy Tester run the tap out on a few pairs, I can see that there will be instances where it will be the account savior and others where it will cause some losses, but given the way I’ve implemented it, it is seemingly better than my previous attempts.

Really, the name of the game is to live to fight another day and if this can be fine tuned to the independent pairs or simply used as a backdoor for a Manual Trigger Start, it is one more piece of the puzzle completed.

I’ve tried to load a New TE with the account I will have this running on, but there is some issues with FF and adding a TE right now…will keep checking and load one once the problems have been resolved.

I am eager to see how this idea plays out and look forward to sending it out for full testing in the following weeks.

With just this one little piece of code and idea being added, it really resets the mark on all other settings…ie, Grid Range, Time Delay, Cost Averaging – Fixed/Increment/Martingale and even to depending on time of day or active session, entry levels for MACD and exit levels for reversals…

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