Dream_trader replies to: USD/JPY Discussion


UJ waiting for sell opportunity on break of blue daily trendline with retest {image}

Hey bud, how about you tell Davit to apologise to me first?
If you look at the genesis of the issue he insulted me first after I asked a simple question regarding his trading method. Just like what you have on post #207 on your thread right now!
I ignored him and moved on because despite he figured out a way to trade pivots he has not been of any help to me for trying to learn his method… he even made a sly comment regarding my nationality (Nigerian) and I have no idea why he would do a thing like that.
Anyway, I was able to get enough info about his method and trade profitably even without further posts on his already dead thread. Your thread came as a means for me to share the much I can with newbies, but if blocking my access to your thread makes you comfortable, I’ll have nothing to say about that.

NB: I had to post it here because you ignored me for absolutely no reason and I cannot send you a private message if I’m on your ignore list.

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