DrForexMD replies to: Pivot Trading


EJ lost trade. Feel free to criticise. {image}

You added to a losing position. In my opinion, you could have waited for the price to go in the trade direction and once you get a strong signal from TDI, you could have added. I am still trying to get my hands around using fundamental along with technical (Pivots). I found some information on bloomberg. There is instability in Europe and seems risky to do a buy on EUR.


Secondly, after Trump’s comments regarding China talks, JPY and CHF strengthened across the board – signalling a potential “Risk Off” scenario and this means it may not be a great idea to sell JPY. To make it worse, North Korea talks with U.S. were cancelled and this could further fuel the “Risk Off” sentiment.


I could be wrong but sharing my 1 cent…

Hi Davit and other experts, please add your valuable comments… Thank you.

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