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Guys, I’ve almost done with my EURUSD 18 years backtest result. Once again, the results are amazing when I tested 2 of my 3 strategies. After the last strategies is done, I will compile it to test them together. Hopefully I can post it within this week. Be kind and don’t call it rubbish ok? If you can’t achieve it, does not mean that the rest of the world can’t do it too. There’s always someone that is better than you.

but many many many can achieve this, i would say 80% of all backtester get this results, special with so long backtests, because in former times spread was much higher and so your results get much more win with each trade and your entry are because of only bid charts wrong.

you really have to do live accounts some months and will see what i speak about in comparison with the backtest in this time (ddemo account is same wrong results !) ! backtest 5 years, ok, but more is no smart way, so your 18 years are 100% useless. you use metatrader backtester, you have to learn the disadvantages!

There’s always someone that is better than you, this sentence is correct. but not with metatrader backtester, thats impossible, because near all people get your results with this backtester, i wonder that you needed so long to get this results in backtest after opmization!!?? anyone in trading comes to your point and see later how much time he lost by not learning the basics of trading first and know what to do what works in real trading against what work in demo account and in backtesting. after some month in real account and same results like backtest for exact this time, then you can start to say some words like this, before you start a euphoria that will kick you so much down after it will burst, you will thank me later for dont put to much hope inside this. do it, but dont overtravel.

i really wish you luck, and many happy days you can overcome your euphoria now, what anyone had who did see this results and optimized it for the first months. and a good start in real trading later, when you see how different is real trading against this backtesting and how fast the dream from a backtest can burst inside a real account. so be carefull with the sentence “There’s always someone that is better than you.”, because anyone did think this before you when using metatrader backtester with all the disadvantages.

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