DwainUK replies to: EA for “Heiken Ashi Smoothed”


{quote} Sorry I didn’t realize I uploaded the ex4. I made some more changes to the entry/exit logic as it was slipping. Thanks, Bassem {file}

Hello Baseem
I have been using this indicator for past 1 week, it looks very impressive, when the trend is underway, but on sideways market get too many wipsaws.
can kindly guide me with the following
1) on a chart format can you or some please give me a step by step guide of what criteria is used for ENTRY, ie is it just the crossover of price at heiken ashi
2) I trade INDICIES like DAX, and Wall street also OIL, the indicator works perfectly on FX but so far past week not a single trade taken on INDEX like dax and this is puzzling me.
3) any suggestions on wat filters i can add so it filters out bad trades and trades only on a trend
4) any programmers out there who want to give it a try?

Thanks Happy Trading

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