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{quote} For sure, some do, some don’t, and probably the one you don’t trade will keep going, so what are you going to do? Keep risk under control is the main thing {image}

Indeed! Keep your risk under control.

But the answer to whether you trade the pinbar or you wait for the retest of the pinbar/stop hunt, call it what you will, is dependent upon your statistics that you are [should be] logging religiously.

If you prove [to yourself] that trading the retest is more profitable, ACCORDING TO YOUR RULES AND EXTENSIVE STATISTICS ON WHAT HAPPENS, then you trade the retest.

Otherwise, you just trade the pinbar.

And when I say more profitable, I don’t just mean the percentage of winners, I mean, how much you profit in terms of R.

Let’s say trading the pinbar straight off gives you a reliable 2R, but trading the retest gives you a reliable 6R.

BUT, trading the retest strategy, you only get a fill 50% of the time, so you miss LOTS of “straight” pinbar deals.

Which is more profitable………………………….?

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