ekoveadvisor replies to: RePost-EA GuppyMax 10,000%+ In 15 Years

Dear The Coder, I knew a Hindoo, that created a similar EA..Forex Funnel..(IF I AM MISTAKEN, I AM SO SORRY..)
CODER.. PLEASE HELP ME MOD BLESSINGS EA!! It will make way more monies..i did not hijack this forum, I will demo your EA, on Gbp/Usd, or on Eur/Gbp, or Eur/Usd, or Cad/Jpy etc..All my love, jimmy Forex Gambling Tool, makes great monies..’IF” IT IS TRADED ON THE 4HR CHART, with the TREND,AND KEEP THE MARGIN HIGH SAY 9200%, AND THEN LOWER IT, *ADD TRADES..Any good indicator will do..A Good Indicator..who can make this Tool to work on live..I am on Stone_02 Demo, and the tool, will not work on that..”this EA is for Demo Only!!” it makes fine monies Raghee’s 34 EMA..Close,High,Low, 13 EMA, and a old ‘free’ indicator from Forex Winner’s ru. ULTIMATE TREND SIGNALS..that indicator is just ok, but good on 4hr, IF You watch your charts in real time..(Stew Pot..) for all those who love to Trade, but cant really Trade.. *PLEASE HELP ME CODER..BLESSINGS EA, IS THE AUTOMATED JACK POT, WAY OVER 20% EVERY MONTH!! Considering a Finite Market, I was a fool to post this..”somebody got to Win, somebody got to Lose..” The Controller’s an old song..It is Truth!! I created a new demo on Stone.com, and it was Demo 02, the gambling tool would not work on it..i have forex blue.com Technology, that can transfer those trades to a ‘live’ account..last thing the Dragon EA is good, one Error..it should be 1.4 martingale..a few more error’s but it is a good EA, Pips Wide should be at least 30-37 pips the median of 25-50 pips is 37-Blessings Grid would be perfect for the Dragon EA..!! the Buddhist creator of Dragon EA is probably retired, His knew the market, and so..released no better, as his could have…Many Can, but nobody Will !!

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