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{quote} Dear Davit and everybody who stayed with this system for quite some time and have been true to themselves in trading this system knows that following are the nature of public forums 1. There will always be some negative people on these forums who will ask you to justify every step you take in your trades. It’s like you owe them something and to be honest it does affect your trading to some extent. 2. People will always try to add or delete some indicator to the original system because they can’t let go of the indicator paralysis syndrome….

Hello MrAussieFX,

I read this post and others, this AM (PST) before I left for work and continued to check in throughout the work day to make sense of the replies, Etc. I have to agree with you 100%. I Joined FF in search of “Like minded” people wanting to aspire to trade for a living. I have narrowed my search to Follow this thread and honest people with integrity that have a good understanding of Davit’ s style of guiding this forum.

I have past experience trading commodities, (paid$$$) educating myself in Candle sticks, oscillators,Indicators, strategies, options, etc, etc, etc. I have spent $$$ being part of online live trading groups. There great IF Everybody Is on board…Ya know Ego’s? Go figure, we all have them. Much like A**holes. And of course I’ve depleted my trading funds to an all time low like any beginner in this business. Not proud, just glad I stopped with a little left to continue. I have spent as much time and energy as possible up to now to grasp on to Davit’s methodology and am still absorbing more every time I put an effort in to understand. My frustration is not being able immerse myself in it as daily life of survival gets in the way…practicing patience…it will pay off.

There are many followers & contributors of this thread I admire and Aspire to be a part of, & out of respect & consideration to all, my lack of knowledge & experience with this strategy has kept me quietly learning and understanding. My role as a trader and person at this point has kept me from commenting and posting. Until now, Thanks all of you…you know who you are. Those of you who don’t? well ya know…stop the BS….bad Karma…be friendly or F.O.>fff…don’t go away mad…just go away…hahaha


I am grateful to have crossed your path through this forum. Keep it up!

I am not a big reader or “do-er” ( is that a word? haha) unless it has to do with improving myself in chosen interests, like golf, beer, mountain biking, beer, skiing,beer and trading, more beer. I own & have read Mark Douglas Trading in the zone years ago (only book on trading that has everything to do with trading…only one i’ve read cover to cover) and thank you for introducing me to reading Van Thorp, Phsyco-Cybernetics, Millionaire Traders etc ( eye openers…mind expanders for me). I am just starting to read, review & absorb Harmonics…simply complicated but looks cool..may be a good thing for me..can’t hurt.

Thanks for sharing your methodology, & “your character” as I read between the lines of these posts…Please don’t let people’s ignorance “ride your bus”…you seem to be good at kicking them off…or just simply ignore them and don’t respond as they will get to their stop eventually. You have and will continue to inspire and help others to achieve their dreams in your way… if others don’t understand that’s their ignorance & lack of effort…you conditionally laid out your strategy on page 1…clear as mud? for some… not for others?

Moving forward Bcuz the past me by…

Cheers All !!!

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