emmzett replies to: IC Markets


{quote} read again what i wrote: likely void all trades, winners and losers. the fair solution.

“one thing is sure, since this is now over 30 minutes blackout – and mind yo, it isnt a mini crash in site today!!- it is very likely more than a slight technical difficulty on their side!! “

Everyone like to blame the broker is something goes wrong. 3 brokers have the same issue I don’t think so it’s the brokers fault. Fair or not no broker is going to cover all the trades. They will only cover the ones in loss. Like this they avoid people claiming winning trades and taking more profit then they would actually make. Whoever will manage to close a trade after this in profit be happy and if you had to close it loss simply claim your money back. If they are fair they will give you the money back for the trades closed in loss.

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