Epraize replies to: I will code your EAs and Indicators for no charge

So, here is a simple 5 minute project for a free coder, well maybe 2 jobs, depends on how you structure it

First, there is a free ADR indicator from here on FF, works great, shows the ADR per user setting, and the range today (1)

I managed to clone it to show yesterday’s range as well as I find that interesting (2)

And also allowed me to monitor 2 different ranges to see if there was increase or decrease volatility by comparison eg. 50 days vs 100 days

So, it would be good if the 2 can be combined into a single indicator, anyone?

Refer to the picture and zip file.

2nd request would be to convert the now single indicator to be able to read Weekly Range, and display those the same as picture

The point being, it’s great to know those numbers when trading breakout’s on last week, as can be seen by the recent moves, eg. EURNZD, AUDNZD

Anyone can help? Thanks, much appreciated

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