Erebus replies to: EUR/AUD


{quote} at what level though bro? isnt there one more wave before the pull back?

I’m not counting waves.
I trade Supply/Demand Institutional Orderflow around technical levels.
I’m not saying Elliotwaves don’t work, by all means I do know people who trade planetary constellations and make money with it. Do whatever works for you and makes you consistent profit. (I don’t!)
My levels are pretty clear to see. Watch priceaction in the zones, I get my entries from reading the candlesticks (Priceaction), Volume and L2 Depth of Market
(I see where the large chunks of Pending Orders are around the levels where I start watching the price)
Add currencie valuation and Volume to the mix and you got it.
It’s not rocketscience
Among all of this, price is king. Trade the price, not the “lines”…

made good bank on this pair today

We’re all just one trade away from humility

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