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Move one pivot to the right and draw new Pitchfork so that Pivot two become the first anchor for the new Pitchfork. Then create your warning lines for the yellow Pitchfork.

In terms of earning pips it should be clear. If the price zooms throw a line like the large bar to the right, more often than not it will go back up test the line it broke through then continue down to the lower line repeat. If it fails to breach the line then price will travel in the opposite direction to test the other line.

So the setup on the GBPUSD line the moment would be to wait for the price to go back up to test the line it broke through before entering short. If the price exactly touches a Pitchfork line then reverses, these have a higher probability of being profitable but it has to be an EXACT touch with no follow through.

So you already have your profit target, it is the opposite line, you have your stop-loss which is the low/high of the breaking bar. If you prefer to trail then use the opposite Pitchfork line to trail and you also have an idea of roughly how long it will take for you to earn or lose your pips since this structure incorporate both price and time.

That is it, pips every day!


{quote} do you mean after three? Because 3 overlaps 2 ok understood

LOL…it doesn’t on my chart.

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