Ezios replies to: “Little Martingale EA” 2, continuation thread


{quote} Hi, after compile I got 9 warnings. Can I get some trouble?

Nope: they are small omissions that do not cause any problem. In any case I’ll attach the original source UnNomGuaiV1.131.mq4 (from which the EA attached to the first post is derived, excuse me Luca) in which the warnings have been corrected.

Also, because I love a summary panel but I do not want the screen to be almost completely covered by it, I have reduced the size of the panel, leaving the original code commented.

Just make a comparison between the two files using any text editor (Notepad ++ is able to do that) to realize that they are identical (apart from the changes).

I want to thank Luca for revisiting this EA and I would like to suggest to Lele27, (who in the original thread suggested the use of a hedging as partial protection against the DD – please see here) , to join this thread and to better explain his hedging strategy. Unfortunately, his explanations, probably due to the use of an automatic translator, is rather obscure. He could also do it privately in Italian (which seems to me to be his original language).


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