Ezios replies to: Very nice trade manager EA with source codes

trade manager EA: to manage trades using entry signal of ma cross 5 minute

I found this free on the internet. It works, it is very nicely coded , the coder is a professional coder .It was originally coded as a two ma cross ea.Most serious traders will always use an ma cross .

EA is coded with
extern int Fast_MA_Period = 1;
extern e_method Fast_MA_Method = SMA;
extern int Slow_MA_Period = 2;
extern e_method Slow_MA_Method = SMA;
extern double Max_Pips_Away_From_Cross = 10;
extern string Comment2 = “- Order magic number. May be used as user defined identifier -“;
extern int Magic_N = 1236;
extern string Comment3 = “- AutoLots True will calculate Lots automatically -“;
input e_risk Risk_Management = Automatic;
extern string Comment4 = “- Automatic Risk, For ex: 2.5 means 2.5% -“;
extern double Auto_Risk_Percent = 0.25;
extern double Auto_Max_Risk_in_Total_Orders = 2;
extern string Comment5 = “- Manual Number of Lots (if not Automatic Risk) -“;
extern double Manual_Lots = 0.3;
extern double Manual_Maximum_Lots = 3.0;
extern string Comment6 = “- Maximum price slippage for buy or sell orders -“;
extern double Slippage = 3;
extern string Comment7 = “- Stop loss in Pips -“;
extern double StopLoss = 60;
extern string Comment8 = “- Take profit in Pips -“;
extern double TakeProfit = 300;
extern string Comment9 = “- Trailing Stop in Pips -“;
extern double TrailingStop = 50;
extern double TrailingStep = 5;

Could anyone add ?
Close on time everyday:23:00
close on Friday :19:00
close all
delete all
delete all pending
close all if profit reaches 1000 pips
close all if lose reaches 1000 pips

Please respect original copyrights and EA.

A trade manager reduces emotions and emotional decisions.

can someone add these functions

input bool CloseAllMarket=false;
input bool CloseAllPending=false;
input bool CloseAllMarketAndPending=false;
input bool PlaceSLTPForPending=false;
input bool UseMartingale=false;
input bool WorkAsTradManager=false;
input int MaximumOrdersPer24=2;
input string MondayStartTime=”10:00″;
input bool UseCloseFriday=true;
input string FridayCloseTime=”19:00″;

I find many free profitable EAS with source codes on internet searches.

You can add high probability custom indicators, to make into custom EAS. from here


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