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{quote} {quote} So, how far of a long term strategy is acceptable and yet not considered as an abuse? 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year

A better question would be : is there a process of demonstrating that i am or not entitled to have swap free account ?
Who in their right mind wants to pay swap so let’s all pretend to be something we aren’t just so we get free swap.
If the brokers can afford to not cash in swap for some of the clients than why not for all of them?
My ancestors must have traveled around the globe and they should basically cover all the religions that ever existed so can i get swap free ?
Also i’ve been paying swap to xm in past 3 years but just recently discovered that i should have not so money back ?
Surely you can’t say no cause you are the broker made these swap free accounts for a reason.

Never cared about swap as it does not influence my trading but just pointing out things.

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