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Hi all.

Since you have been very kind to me, I would like to share the tool for free. Please read the license terms. Only for natural persons can download and use this software for free for their private purposes, including trading, of course. The software cannot be used for free by any organization nor any person on behalf of it nor for the interests of third parties without prior written agreement with me and fee payment. The terms of use are detailed in the zip setup file and within the application.

The tool is still at alpha stage. I have only devoted a few days partially to it, it is very rudimentray yet.

So, if you are an individual and not a company, you can use it for trading if you want to, but please, in accordance with the license terms I have written.

Before using it, read carefully the terms of use. It has not exception control yet, so usually any error will make the tool crash. Under normal conditions it is working fine for me, but if you close metatrader, for instance, or the charts, it will crash and you will have just to reopen it.

You will probably need to add one or two .Net Framework versions, including .Net Framework 4.6.1. I guess the programs will give you instructions.

You will also see that some features are not available yet. I have also removed a few of the previously versions because I need to refactor some code.

Please, notice that it is an executable program and installing it has risks involved, check it with your antivirus first and take the necessary precautions. I won’t provide support for installing the program, but for those who get it running, please drop you questions here about how to use it.

Installation steps:
– Install MTApi – http://mtapi4.net/
– Configure Metatrader 4 for MTApi
– Open ONE chart per instrument and add the MTAPi expert advisor.
– Download and install Metatrader 4 tools.
– Open the tool (Metatrader tool).
– Connect.
– Test it fully end-to-end in demo mode first.

I hope you enjoy it.

I have written the license very fast and English is not my first language. So expect funny expressions.


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