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{quote} Do you think fractal freak is a conspiracy theorist?

Yes…about only in regards to SM “cartel collaboration” imo but he is NOT wrong about the algos manipulation and he is definitely not wrong about the percieved supply/demand mantra we hear on forums. It is a 100% rigged market with 100% lack of transparency. Why do idiots come here and propogate nonsense about “Price is Everything”, “trading is simple”, put SL on high/low, etc etc Such strategies are published on forums for a reason. I have attributed 100% of my struggles from 2006 – 2010 to the threads found here under trading systems section. All my blown accounts were during this period. All my profits lost from trying new strategies. Remember the old Vouchi g system before the invention of red flag/diamond rating system? How can you ignore someone who has received so many vouches from forum members? In that era of Retail Forex, everybody was being manipulated into trying nonsense just to lose. Believe me, staying here and participating in Forums is the worst for your account growth. Do NOT believe in anyone who approaches you and appears so sincere willing to “help”. You only good defence iis to do your own research, develop your own strategy and trade it till it fails. Only listen to your trading stats and NO ONE SLSE…not me, not fractal freak and definitely not the Thread Starters under Systems Trading or Interactive Trading. Frankly, I respect Commercial Members far more than these idiots. At least they show some evidence of their success !

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