Fauzaan replies to: MT4 Phone Notifications Without PC Switched On

Hey folks, I need a way to get notifications on my phone while my PC is switched off.

Orders created on your PC are visible in the phone app, does MT4 not have the functionality to sync alerts created on your PC to your MT4 phone app? Is there a way to create alerts on your PC and have them active on your phone while your PC is switched off?

If not, I could potentially use cTrader, if that is able to do what I require?


Separate problem: I can’t actually get push notifications to work with my PC turned on anyway. I’ve put the Metaquotes ID from my phone into my desktop platform and it is successfully sending test alerts, but actual alerts aren’t working. Any idea what might be wrong? As in the worst case scenario I could potentially leave my desktop PC on all day although this is not something I’m keen to do.

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