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Here’s a chart that is very nice in my eyes. I need to start paying GU more attention as it’s a great intraday mover. Notice the H4 bull engulf out of demand. Then with M30 next to H4 you could have nailed that buy to the pip on the demand retest. These time frames seem to be a great match up for intraday / multiday trading. No M5 needed at all as this can be quite intensive and less productive in the end. You’ve just got to trust the HTF H4 PA and then go lower to narrow down an entry. {image}

I attached these charts and used the yellow lines to mark the areas I’m referring to…

That move down on the 4hr after the engulfing bear candle, would those be viable areas on the 30min to look for supply and short again? They may not be marked perfectly, but my main question is, would you be looking for shorts during that time?

Once price hits that demand area at the bottom, you can see how price went up, and wasn’t respecting those supply levels I have drawn anymore. So after price hits a demand zone on a big timeframe like the 4hr, the direction and bias changes, is this correct?

The only times I get caught up is when I’m trying to play both sides and I’m scalping. It actually does work, but when I have losses, it’s usually because I’m trying to play both sides/directions like that… Keeping track of the 4hr and most recent major supply/demand zone touched will keep me out of any trouble I think.

You’ve talked about this many times before. I’m just going over charts today so I thought I’d post this up and ask.

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