FookMe replies to: Fractal Freak’s Not So Fractal Secret


Hi bud, why the ignore? Have you never met a real trader before, Ask questions and i will answer. {image} and i tell everyone how i trade , NO SECRETS, NO PATHETIC CHARTS, NO EAS.

its difficult to understand VEEfx.
sometimes he writes he is concentrating on own trading, then sometimes writes like he cant trade and dont know basics, then sometimes speaks about some advanced topics correct, and often writes in threads with easy to see fakers and he cant check it and writes total useless questions because basics of this fakers are complete wrong and he is often impressed by total easy to see bullshit and wrong fake facts….

he is extrem multifaceted, so extrem difficult to judge if he is medium or advanced beginner, because of so many wrong easy witten topics and sometimes the correct advanced topics, so often speak about his trading like he has wins and so often when he writes you think he cant have any wins with this knowledge and what he dont know.

but he is always polite and has arguments, so nice to speak to him. often he dont check he is helping spammers/fraud starters and fakers because he dont know some grund basics, but that he know already and heard often. i will give him some years ….

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