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I’ve heard the phrase “sell in May and go away” before and it seems like a lot of us are having a bad month. Can any veteran traders explain if the month of May has a reputation for choppy trading? It seems like I am finding a lot of expectation failures as of late…

I am no veteran for sure… yet … but my understanding has been:
– many bank holiday in may
– good weather is back
=> hence many take some vacations => lower liquidity => choppier

– still the beginning of the fiscal year; strictly beginning of April, but may be like waiting for the first 1/2 hr of a session to have a feel of how the day is going to pan out… in this case it is the year, big order have to be worked out, so choppy to accumulate

in addition this year we have Trump’s tweet/news/lunaticity (not talking about the politics, but the way to do politics) that seems to add extra sensitivity…

.. though this last remark might be because I am still pissed off about today’s action (more specifically my weakness I have to work on, it is about me, not the market). I was literally moving my SL to book more profit at the moment the news about Trump pulling out of North Korea meeting became official; the price went through the line I was holding, reached my previous SL and then dived further. I was already at BE, and didn’t got too bad filling, so ended up as a +0 trade; but somehow got extremely pissed off about it; 0.1 sec later and I would have booked +20 pips profit… after that I traded like complete shit… thankfully stopped before it turned into a disaster (I begin to know this issue with me… couple of month ago I would have given back all my yearly profit and more within minutes on such revenge/FOMO/stupid… now I give back just part of it… progress ))

that lead me to something I was meaning to tell you Damian, although I don’t trade your method (only some elements of it) you are still one of the most important FF thread for my progress and your videos of trading sessions are excellent, because of the psychology element. I don’t know if it is something you think about, but the way you talk before/during/after your trades actually are very helpful with the psychol part of trading and I have made much progress because of this. I can’t count anymore how often, when in doubt about an action with a trade, I hear your voice in my head like “What is my trade plan saying… do nothing… does it weaken the expectation? sure… does it change it? NO… what do I do then… nothing”… and that is why I will keep watching your videos and big THX for them, your time and efforts with this; your teaching is going well beyond your method.

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