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Hello everyone and welcome to my new thread! So I’ve been working on a new strategy for a cpl of months now, and it’s been doing pretty well so far, but I still think there’s a lot of room for improvement, and further development. I have the basics set, but I think it can be a lot better as I haven’t dedicated enough time to the development of this strategy due to other trading commitments.

Now they say that more minds working together is better than one right? So I would like to ask that we work together as a team brainstorming ideas, thinking up new ways to improve on this strategy to make to even more profitable, and successful. Lets make this an interactive thread where we share ideas together in good spirit.

Before I get onto the actual strategy, and the trade rules, I’d just like to ask a few things from everyone:

  1. Please keep this thread positive! I’ve seen it happen too many times here on FF, a good thread is started, and then quickly gets derailed by a few negative keyboard warrior members.
  2. No arguing or bickering with any members! I’ll be monitoring this thread actively, and if anyone starts any arguments or has a bad attitude etc, you will be removed.
  3. I welcome all ideas to improve the strategy as long as we can keep to the original basic rules without getting too far sidetracked.
  4. Members here on FF love turning strategies into EA’s.. Now as much as I also enjoy using EA’s, that is not the goal of this thread, but if someone does create with an EA based of the original strategy that’s fine, but I do ask that you share your work so that others can also maybe improve on it, keeping to the first goals of the thread.
  5. Not every strategy that is turned into an EA works out being successful and profitable, so lets keep the focus on the original manual strategy, and not turn this into another unsuccessful EA thread.

Ok now for the strategy! This strategy uses 2 main indicators, the TDI indicator, and the 3c turbo jrsx filtered indicator (MBFX Timing)(Stochastic)… simple right? Has anyone thought of this yet, and perhaps I missed it somewhere on the interwebz??

Together they are used to identify new potential trends in the market. This can be applied to any time frame, the lower the TF, the smaller the targets. Personally I’ve had better success on higher TF’s (H1, H4) but for scalping intra day trends M15, and even M5 can be used as long as you monitor the trades.

Setting the SL & TP levels is still under development, and I’m still working on the ideal parameters, but so far I’m setting the SL at the previous swing high and low, and if there is no good swing high or low, then I set a fixed SL between 10-50 pips depending on the TF. For TP I monitor the TDI, and stochastic for changes in trend, and momentum, and I will get out if I see the price reversing, but I’ll always try to get at least a minimum 1:1 or better 1:2/1:3 RR per trade.

Rules for BUY:

  1. The 3c turbo jrsx filtered (MBFX stochastic) is in the oversold zone (Below the 30% level) and indicating a green uptrend.
  2. The TDI green line crosses the red line up from below, and is below the yellow market base line, and 50 level.

Rules for SELL:

  1. The 3c turbo jrsx filtered (MBFX stochastic) is in the overbought zone (Above the 70% level) and indicating a red downtrend.
  2. The TDI green line crosses the red line down from above, and is above the yellow market base line, and 50 level.

Only open a new order at the close of the current candle, when a new candle opens, and only after confirmation of BOTH indicators has been made!

Topics and ideas for future development:

These are some ideas that I have that I think can/might work to improve the strategy. Nothing is decided as yet, only some ideas so far, but might work well. Of course I’m open to your guys suggestions of what you think could make this strategy more successful and profitable.

  1. Using Fibo Pivots as an S&R filter. (Only open trades around weekly pivots levels)
  2. Using ADR % as TP & SL levels. (I know not every pair is the same so applying a fixed TP & SL might not be suitable, so using ADR % could work better)
  3. Using a MA to filter the overall trend. (I was testing with a 200 EMA for overall trend bias, for example only buy if above MA, and only sell if below MA)
  4. Cross checking higher TF’s for confluence before opening trade. (For example if trading H1, check H4 or D1 for trend confluence)
  5. Checking the daily currency strength to confirm trend. (If we have confirmed buy signal on EU, then check if EUR is strong and USD is weak etc)

Well guys that’s it for now, I hope you will find this a good potential strategy that can be improved upon. The basics are there, but I do believe that with more minds brainstorming together, and some active forward testing, this can be a very good, and successful trading system.

*A part of me thinks that this thread probably won’t work as I hope as most people are lazy, and want to be spoon fed an already working successful strategy that they don’t need much effort to use and make money, well I’m hoping this will be different, but lets see!*

Please give me your feedback, and lets all enjoy success from this strategy. Green pips to you all.

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