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Let’s try to explain it a little further… People keep looking for something that works all of the time, but here’s the thing… nothing does! The market mixes it up completely, so what works one moment, doesn’t the next. Now… once you accept that, you can stop going in circles and look for a method, a candle pattern, a phase, a cycle, a formation, whatever, but something that works more often than it doesn’t. Than you have to have the discipline to discard the one’s which don’t work so often. The problem is that everytime they do, you get hooked…

i agree 1000% on the fact that people always try to find a strategy which has 100% winrate, and when the strategy has a failing trade, they make the typical mistake : trying to refine (all) the strategy
They can’t accept that the strategy can’t handle all the market events. ( i don’t judge btw, who has never fallen in this trap ? )

and like that, they put themselves in a cycle without end in which they will remove the good rules of their strategy to find them again later and to remove them after.

Where i don’t agree at all is when you say the only way is to give up all the indis, take naked charts and look after basic resistance/support , channel lines,etc
which is what typical disillusioned traders would say, who would prefer imagine that all the things they can’t master must be stupid scams and if they can’t succeed with it nobody can, and so, force themselves and others to believe there is no way to succeed with all these new stuffs and force them to follow the path without any future.

Personnaly i’m using a ton of indicators and i’m so happy with them, the problem imo is that people create strategies adding redundant or non-compatible indicators and try to change rules of their strategy with an huge logical bias.

(PS : and yeah it seems quite obvious than TMS is non profitable strategy, rules are simple and give a lot of bad signals so an EA could verify it easily if needed i guess, but the TDI is for me a really useful indi in my template )

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