Forexholy replies to: S/R Monthly pivot PA trading!

First i want to start by saying “Thank You” to those that have subscribed to the thread.

Next, Just to make myself clear here. I am by far the most humble person and I have never and will never say that anyone individual trading strategy is better than the other. Everyone has a much different perspective and “EXPECT” the currency market to have their defined outcome. It is very important to always push yourself to be the best at what you love to do.

With that being said, I am here to make pips and share what i know. If i can better someones else’s life by sharing my knowledge, isn’t that the exact definition of paying it forward.

I was taught growing up to always give to the less fortunate even if its not a lot. It will always come back to you 10 fold.
Hope you enjoy some of what I share. And will do my best at helping the next person in line to be the best that they can be..

Happy Hunting!!!

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