FractalFreak replies to: 18 years Amazing back test result


” anybody can do this, you send a stupid chart, tell anybody all is clea” Oh yes? Why did you then run away from simple trading contest like a little COWARD? You are a FAKER, dukas trader! You claim you would have managed BILLIONS and BILLIONS…in YOUR DREAMS!!! You are a tiny KEYBOARD WARRIOR getting PAID by retail brokers to spread LIES! You will not be on FF for long. You will see. Admins are ON it! Stay tuned. FF

where did i say i managed billions?
what a stupid idiot you are? turnover is same like managing billions? you are such a total newbee and coward, attacking people because you was exposed as liar, faker… your lawyers will be my best fun, bring me all, i want see all what you have, against such a faker it would be the most interesting fun to terminate your fraud business with your own help of your lawyers.

funny, a scammer is running crazy because many people exposed his fraud and now starting to attack all people who wrote about how he faked and cheated his trades in his thread. what a loser. nothing to say more 🙂

learn the basics little boy. as forex clown you win, as trader you lost your money, as teacher you failed, in your contest yopu los, in comaring history you was terminated, did you win in any place? bye bye baby fractal

and by the way: the admin say you are under observation, and i am not? you even be a liar about thios fact, to funny, you try to say always the opposite of truth. crazy psychological problems you have. you are really dangerous for beginners, bedause you have a such negative bad character, you would sell your mother only to get back your forex trading losses. thats hard to see. you do anything to show you in good light, after you was exposed as loser trader and faker and chgeater and you try with each attack to write opposite over the others. you have really lost all respect from all (ok your second nicknames post applause for you sometimes 🙂 )

and taking ross 88 as example, who was crazy to write about facts he did not know (because he did not learn basics and know he speak about facts he cant check, hmm very good, take other scammer who like you, like ghostbiker, then the circle is finsihed :-).
and most funny: ross88 is writing, that fractalfreak is a spammer, liar, faker and cheater! this part you did not copy , you little boy. i really hope forexfactory will kick you in next time for your bad chracter attacking all people who did show your fake and cheating. you was really so stupid to do this so often!

and most funny:
now you tell me i am payed from retail brokers, because you are the trading god and expose the secrets what no broker like that trader know. are you crazy mind and have some problems with your brain? all you write is super bullshit, all your manipulation garbage is total low level breakfast shit, any trader (without some extrem beginners) did say you this, but you still hide this posts and fake and fake and fake and write new and new posts and comments, so that your thread looks like ist often used by many people, but near all is you and some super idiots beginner (some are even your second nicknames!).

so a total scammer calling me payed be reatil broker to kill his business. thats the joke of the century. if i would ask some brokers, believe me noone would know who you are, maybe known as clown and as failed trader there, thats for sure!

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