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{quote} Yeah, very bearish. I think it all be clear when the news come out, it will either skyfall, or will pull back. I m thinking of leaving it as it is, my stop is just in place, no loss can happen. It can eat up my profit so far which is not bad at the moment, but fcuk it, the potential is big so I m gonna risk this trade for the long run. Will go enjoy Friday with some beers and come back in lets say – 4-8 h to check on it, unless things get ugly in the pub..

it broke 9028 which was a turningpoint before it was missed.
its just my experience that the chance it will be broken is bigger when it is missed first.
i think it will settle above 8974 one week or 2 before it figures out it wants to go down.
if next week its a sideways candle i will get ready to sell.
but like i said this week makes a bullish candle.
8755 is a strong attraction, on the weekly this olds price down.
once its met i think price will shoot up.
i think this is pretty good evidence how price is pushing down.

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