FractalFreak replies to: FX Scams (DOCUMENTED cases only!)

Looking at the fact that previous attempts by incompetent members to expose FX Scams have FAILED miserably and ended up with members abusing their status in order to attack other members without any basis and in a highly unprofessional manner, it is time to approach the subject with a minimum degree of diligence and accuracy.

This thread is reserved to document:
– FX Scams that resulted in a court sentencing / trial / prosecution
– FX Scams that are still open in court

Do NOT dare to abuse this thread for ACCUSING any person here or out of the forum without having any basis to do so!
You are exposing yourself, this forum and other members to SEVERE legal liabilities with respective consequences such as damage payments (since any of these may become involuntary publishers of your allegations).

If you disrespect this rule, you will be immediately disliked or blocked.
The purpose of this here should be to be aware of people who have been involved in FX Scams and may be let free after some time, as well as to be aware of people who currently stand trial.

My first video should be your point of measure for any post. ALWAYS indicate the sources of your information, as I did.
This thread is NOT intended for members who:

– recklessly shoot from the hip
– try to abuse the work here in order to impose reputational damages on other members (as it happened in the past)
– act in the interest of retail brokers in order to “shoot down” threads exposing secret knowledge etc.

Since I am not happy with the abuse of such a thread conducted and documented by certain members (who so far did not even clarify their relationship to this forum), it is time to show how it is DONE. Seems like I need to show you in all areas how to do things, but here you go then.

Stay safe,

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