friday13 replies to: Lets Automate a Simple Renko Strategy!

Hi guys,
I wanted to share with you the Renko Live Charts EA which I added to version v600.4 the following changes.
First publication was by Tim Welch here, and the fixes came along the way.

Of course you could take it and add to it you current trading EAs, but do notice that this is not a trading EA version, only a renko brick chart creator.

I just felt the need to improve the existing version.
I hope you will find it useful and I would appreciate any comments on my additions.

//| May 14 2018 (TS) (v600.5)
//| – Restored ATR based box size, from [v4.1 Andrea Jan 20 2014] version
//| – Changed RenkoBoxSize and Offset to double, in order to handle more precise box sizes to pippets in supporting 3/5 digit brokers.
//| – Added comments on chart to notify users what should be done [v4.13 Tim Welch Aug 22 2014]
//| – Added TestingMode, which allows to create offline charts in standard MQL4/5 timeframe constants,
//| To use Renko charts in Strategy Tester
//| – Change critical log prints messages to Message Box, for better understanding of the situation
//| – Added automatic opening of the offline chart, and also an easy opening using “click here” on comments area

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