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Hello Traders

9 Years Verified Managed Account Service
$20,000 Initial Deposit GUARANTEE per Client for 6 months or 100 percent, capped at $200k total – Terms will follow in next post.

Please take the time to read this intro as there may well be an opportunity here for you, family and friends.

ForexManagerDBA is our myfxbook profile aka Forex Manager Team

Myfxbook Primary: https://www.myfxbook.com/members/ForexManagerDBA ,.

Older myfxbook with PAMMs since 2009: https://www.myfxbook.com/members/ubertrading

Our first of many public PAMMs: https://www.myfxbook.com/members/ube…xcm-128/208044

Old website: http://www.forexmanager.co.uk/performance.html but ignore the $100k minimum as it is now $10k for a limited time. (see below for clarification why we have very little interest in the website)

Contact: ForexManagerDBA@gmail.com or info@forexmanager.co.uk Skype available to all Clients. Direct to trader Mobile number and WhatsApp provided to Clients with $100k in deposits.

Experience: 15 years trading and about 10 years of managing forex broker accounts. Our first large PAMMs were setup in 2009 with the then-largest retail broker. The PAMMs were highly successful, some over a 1000% profit with ~10% DD. The broker had b-book type affiliation with LPs and we were highly profitable, therefore our relationship with the broker deteriorated and between 2011 and 2015 the PAMMs were all closed by the broker. Which didn’t affect us much as we were already managing for many private clients and our own/family funds and the larger members within the PAMMs joined our private client group.

Performance Example: please take a look at this account:

2000% profit with 3% DD in the first year until early July 2018.
(Note the recent 18 July 11% loss on this acc was due to the LP “mistakenly” slipping our order to worst possible price – yes they refunded half of the slippage with a deposit of $3717 (see history), but of course it ruined our pretty graph and statistics.)
Yes there were many months that barely had any trading activity, however as seen on the many recently added verified accounts on our ForexManagerDBA myfxbook, the system improvements has exponentially improved our system since June 2018 with far more trades and profits booked.

Minimum deposit required per account is $10k USD or equivalent in other currencies, or $9k if absolutely necessary. (Lowered from $100k that was in place for the last 5 years to make this opportunity available to retail traders).
If you are high net worth, please don’t waste your opportunity by depositing only minimums. The preferred deposit per account is $20k-50k, but suggest at least to maximize the $20k guarantee.

Why offer a Guarantee?
We UNDERSTAND the difficulty in finding professional service providers that actually deliver results!
We have the financial means to put aside $200k for this purpose.
Skepticism is tiresome, and there is now very little excuse left, please just join.

Verification, inside view:
The team member responsible for providing the guarantee (the Guarantor) is willing to verify with ONE responsible person per Forum (a moderator or site owner, who’s identity must be revealed to us, that is willing to verify and post the outcome of the verification) via TeamViewer app, the following:

  1. Guarantor’s KYC docs ie. Scans of Notary copy ID and Notary copy Utility bill
  2. Guarantor has many hundred thousand USD of own funds deposited at brokers.
  3. Guarantor has more than $200k in bank to cover the guarantee amount.
  4. Prove we own those 2 myfxbook profile usernames by having logon access.
  5. That we manage many millions in live accounts on a few of our servers.

If this Forum does not provide a suitable person to offer verification, then we will require you to view another site where verification has been carried out.

Verification, other considerations:

  1. We have accounts at more brokers than Clients and most brokers already know us and we will NOT post our names and private information for public viewing.
  2. We would not be receiving a continuous flow of accounts and manage millions and hundreds of accs over the last decade without a single negative client comment anywhere online.
  3. We have also never requested a review and not going to get our clients to start posting on here to verify us, as we don’t want them involved in a bombardment of skepticism…apologies, thats just how it is.

What else makes our service unique?

  1. Arguably the most profitable in both the short and long term, and our team have one of, if not the, longest public verified trading history.
  2. No PAMM or MAM, instead we trade directly onto your account, for which you will have full live password access. Sign our private agreement, open the account in your name, fund it and we trade.
  3. Some like to use own signals, manual trading or EAs, therefore we will do our utmost to support your own trading on the same account that we trade, even host on our servers if you wish. Our trades are easily distinguished from yours.
  4. At least 10 years experience trading via API on various retail and institutional platforms.
  5. Holding times are short and we are flat (no open trades) at least 99% of the time. Psychologically draining open trade drawdowns don’t exist as we do not hold positions.
  6. Strategy is a proprietary algo that has a statistical edge without comparison. Extremely high probability trading, high profit factor, positive RRR and drawdowns being significantly low in relation to gains. No adding to losers, no averaging, no martigale.
  7. Scaleable for EACH Investor up to $1 million in deposits with the typical forex brokers and more with institutional.
  8. Diversify! We encourage diversification with many suitable regulated brokers. Broker solutions are also available for non-professional status traders affected by ESMA….and if thats not already enough;
  9. A $20k GUARANTEE per new Client for 6 months or 100 percent gain. Terms in next post.

Why we are now willing to take on $10k+ retail accounts?

The following factors have increased our capacity to take on many more accounts, particularly retail accounts:

  1. Improvements to our system “edge” now make it the most successful of its kind – there is little to no competition. Recent increase in performance should be enough proof. The trading opportunity is now too great to pass.
  2. Developments to our system “platform” allow us now to trade at many more RETAIL brokers than before – the full list of platforms and brokers is now huge and somewhat impossible to exhaust with less than $1 million, but we are a no profit = no fee type business, therefore request you join our priority brokers.
  3. As we have been accepting only $100k+ Clients since the PAMMs closed many years ago and haven’t bothered with marketing – we do have millions under management, but not really that many Clients since we have just grown their funds and own funds to large proportions.
  4. Even millionaires prefer to “test” a service with $10k instead of $100k – many of our clients started in PAMMs with only a small deposit, recognised our system edge and then approached us with huge amounts.
  5. Many of the retail platforms and brokers perform best with smaller deposits ie. we can make as much on a $20k retail platform account as a $100k account on an institutional platform…
  6. We have already maximised our own funds and that of our existing clients and yet there is space for more accounts, particularly at select priority venues.

These are enough reasons why we are willing to accept a limited number of retail Clients, make them good returns and hopefully they will remain with us for the long term.

Performance fee is 50%, not negotiable. Invoiced ONLY 1-3 times a year ! Providing true confidence that we are here for the long term and allows better compounding.

High fee? The system costs $30k+ per month to trade and many many 100k in development costs and over a decade in experience with this system. Other managers charge a monthly 30-35% performance fee, add indirect fees by increasing spreads and commissions, charge management fees, and yet their trade statistics (profit factor, pip expectancy, trade length and reward to risk ratios) are extremely inferior to ours – therefore most/all investors are likely to be paying more already. For example its common for our profit factor to be greater that 10, which means on average we lose $1 for every $10 in profit, whereas most other systems are below 2 and therefore you are giving back many times more in losses, along with other fees such as swaps, that are not applicable to our system. Therefore any lesser fee and we would rather just trade our own capital which amounts to millions, without including client funds.

Website: Yes its old, but please understand that its been many years since we paid attention to marketing. It was built in about 2010 and hasn’t been updated since 2014 or 2015. We will create a new website some day, until then, the info displayed is sufficient as we have no need or care for a website and purposefully stopped updating it years ago and set it to automatically redirect to the myfxbook page (go to root www.forexmanager.co.uk and it directs to myfxbook)

Brokers, LPs and Platforms: are an element of our strategy and we will not disclose on public forums which brokers we trade at and request clients to respect that. We trade at many of the same brokers used by retail traders and most on this forum will have an account with at least one of them. Contact us directly to discuss further, or just join our service as all is fairly straight forward and we will guide you step by step to the most profitable solutions.

IBs, If you refer your Clients to us, then we would be willing to place them on your IB at select brokers, but so long as the trading conditions and costs are exactly the same as if Client approached the broker directly. Currently there are 2 or more brokers (of dozens) that we apply a representative’s IB – the rest should have No IB as we would rather support the broker. We will Only trade IB linked accounts IF that IB has supported us by introducing Clients to our service or supported our business in a significant manner. We suggest IBs support us by referring clients instead of seeing us as competition – your clients will be well looked after and they make money – we have been around and successful for a very long time and the system is only getting better, its not an EA or signal, and cannot be sold, shared or copied in any other way than being traded directly by us onto privately managed accounts.

Why does it seem like some of the accounts on myfxbook are no longer being traded?

  1. This may seem unusual, but for us its the norm and expected at select venues. The accounts you see closed all either have zero balance (fully withdrawn and moved elsewhere) or another venue became more suitable and Client chose to relocate, or the account was disabled – disabled means cannot login to trade and therefore cannot update myfxbook again.
  2. To clarify further – our trading makes money and does so in big lumps at times (at a higher frequency now with improvements as of June), and some LPs don’t like losing so much so fast, therefore one or two occasionally disable accounts or force the broker to disable to try stop us trading, especially the one broker that was stated closed our PAMMs.
  3. Some brokers will delay execution, change their instrument specifications, double the spread etc, even then we still profit but of course becomes less – therefore we have learnt to approach every venue in different fashion – very few, if any, traders use as many brokers as we do. A broker like LCG in UK places profitable accounts on manual execution where you can wait 1 minute for a fill and they will make sure its at a worse price otherwise will reject the order. We don’t have anything good to say about IronFX as they refused to pay profits on an account. ICM is an example of a good broker as they refunded half of the 18 Jul slippage loss on that #405 account and otherwise haven’t noticeably sabotaged.
  4. Most of our trade losses are not because our system got it wrong, its usually because the LP has successfully managed to sabotage – this isn’t retail MT4 trading with market execution, we use advanced order types.

Brokers and how they profit from you: It seems not many retail traders fully understand what happens behind the scenes when they place a trade, and how brokers are benefiting from trading without “officially” b-booking, and that is in addition to markup and commission, but thats another topic and lets skip – besides we don’t care much whether a broker is A or B book or profit share etc, thats their business, as long as they are well regulated, authentic with financial and order execution (backoffice) and treatment of their clients (frontoffice).

Holy Grail?
We Not saying the system is perfect, as some elements are outside of our control, but the system works and has done for over 10 years that we have traded it and we make a ton like this for our Clients and ourselves.

Licensed: No. We do have access to entities that are licensed and through which we could offer our service, but see no point to increasing our costs and creating further complexity, Our priority is trading profitably, and we provide a guarantee which is far more than any license provides. If we forced to be licensed, we would most likely rather focus on our own capital.

Location: Our Team members are situated around the world and there is no public office – we all work from our home offices.

Please understand that there is unlikely to be any other service provider here able to offer such verified performance statistics and willing to verify to a Forum Rep their identity with notary copy ID & address and show their own accounts amounting to many hundreds of thousand in USD and show on myfxbook that they have been managing since 2009 and show in live accounts on their servers that they have $millions now under management? And throw in a $20k per person ($200k total) guarantee and prove they have the financial means to honour the guarantee ?

Therefore, PLEASE instead of attacking or making assumptions or false accusations, PLEASE try be constructive in your communications with us and here on this thread and ask questions if there is something you dont understand, as there is usually a valid reason for each step we take.

Hopefully some may benefit from having access to our experience (send us a PM or email or ask questions on this thread), but of course we aim to improve the financial status of many retail traders/investors and become a valuable or contributing member of this community.


Forex Manager Team

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