G.Kad replies to: TRADING CONTEST: Party 1 (FractalFreak) VS Party 2 (redoktober


“Yes, I fully agree. It would be good to see more than just an educated guess used as the basis for labeling FF a scam. The excessive posting is a red flag, as is the messiah complex, but it’s not enough proof.” YES. You can think of me as a person what you like, that is your choice. But public accusations need to have a MINIMUM of a basis. What we witness here is VERY questionable! Thx for finally realizing! FF

I don’t feel that you are not scamming as of yet. I will give you this much.

However, I firmly believe you do not have any solid evidence of:

– long term live profit
– large live account(s)

It’s not an accusation either, just my opinion. I’ve said my piece, no hard feelings, just don’t try pulling any scams.

Good luck with the competition, I’ll be watching.

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