General Lee replies to: Weekly Pivot trading with TDI


{quote} If one is transparency enough , he/she wouldn’t mind to show floating profit along with account history The davit “profitable” followers usually post the after movement , and never gave a trade call . I have seen them enough , they have similar traits . They are basically martingale trader and boastful for the pips they gained , but hiding floating PL . Take a look at typical Red Flag Follower here After 261 trades ended with -461 pips with 85% winning rate , only 23 losing trades . If it wasnt martingale strategy without a stop loss , what…

I agree with you on those “profitable traders” posting gained pips “after” it already happened.

But I think there are different traders using this system. As for me as much as possible, I don’t want to scale-in to my losing trades. Like if S61 failed, then I cut initial positions and wait near S78, then scale-in if momentum is in my favor. This is also true for me as for my call in GU earlier, I cut my initial position because ascending triangle failed. I can always enter another position above S61 or near S78. Anyway, don’t mind me. I’m a new member.

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Moving back to the thread. I am still in UC. Please mind the news later in less than 4hrs. Projection is bullish for CAD. If true, then we’ll have green pips.

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Noob trader, don’t trust me.

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