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I like very much ..what rrr you use and which pairs you trade and how much you charge. Also can u do a few live calls here to convince me. Hehe


with the Overlay EA I trade in parallel 26 pairs. The theory I follow is rather complex, it is well described here, it’s an evolution of Market Profile Theory described here,
but it needs a serious and long study to understand in deep. It’s not about common indicators we all know, but it’s based in understanding the market mood, that is if the present price is distant from the value that the market has “in mind”…it is not a day trader or scalping tecnique, it is rather a position technique. Normally positions are kept open for weeks,

The first thing to understand is the concept of Overlay in a specific Timeframe, in a few words is an envelope of prices in the last days, and helps understanding where the value is and if the value is stable or not.

An example of Overlay is in attach, there you can see Overlays in several timeframes (3 days, 5 days, 10 days, 15 days)

An Overlay is in “Bracket” condition when the market goes lateral…and this is calculated in my EA.

When you have Bracketing in different timeframes, it means that the price is wandering in the same “channel” since many days…this is a very interesting situation, as long stability in the market is often a signal for a future breackout.

Here is where my EA trades, looking for “too stable” conditions and waiting for them to explode! If they do, the EA uses a very smart tecnique for setting stoploss, take profit and trailing stop.

You will not find any pip to set such values in the EA, as the EA understands the best values to set them. If you run the EA in a demo, you will see that the stoploss is always hidden under a price support (also calculated with overlay tecnique), the same with trailing stop.

As I said before, as the EA adapts to market conditions, there is no need for optimization. Once you find a good set, it will be good even if market condition changes. In theory, forever…

As a proof of what I say, you will find that the same set is rather good with all 26 pairs…this is not usual in EA, don’t you agree?

I understand that if you are not familiar with Overlay, Market Profile and similar things, this explanation may seem a bit confusing, but I am available to try to explain a bit more witha skype call (you can fing my contact in my profile)


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