genghistar replies to: Neil’s contrarian approach ONLY


{quote} Hehehe.. that’s what all the top dogs of system vendors and guruship here and everywhere use it as an preaching excuse for being unable to substantiate evident based answer. They try to promote some trading method but with no execution plan showing arrows and strong or weak or long or short on a 20/20 useless charts but never on how to execute those trade on real time. Another example is when you ask for live trade calls they will say they are not signal providers and when they are challenged they will say it is a pissing contest etc etc….

hahaha if you see my other thread, You can see all the trades I do on a daily basis…. Do you want to see my account?

I closed the first one at well over a million… Proved… I started another one as I gave up trading but did another one at 50K… In three days it’s over 70K and that’s just from the GBP/CAD… All on the thread… and I’m on a three month vacation working from a tablet.

So don’t come here with shite… Come back when you know what you are talking about with facts.

I get fed up of attracting the nutters here….

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