genghistar replies to: Prop firms offering retail traders trading accounts -Risk free


{quote} Technically not a scam, but they do obfuscate their business model: They would like you to believe that they make their money by: 1) finding great traders who don’t have capital 2) giving them capital to trade 3) taking a share of the profit. The reality is that they want the trader to lose and their rules are designed to facilitate losing. They will make their money by: 1) Collecting monthly fees regardless of whether the trader wins or loses. If you think about it: 1) They advertise as looking for great traders. Why would a great trader…

You have said it much better than I ever could.
This was the same guy that advocated trading based on funnymental. Ofc he is no scammers so what is he really? Potential hucksters or grifters? Hehe

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