George AUS replies to: 90% of traders lose money! True or False?


i wanna find out if the statistics is right about it, so let;s say for the last 3 months did you 1) lose money 2)make money and in your opinion, do you agree that the only side who makes money on forex is FX companies themselfs, and of course Interbanks.

Hello rafaello ,
This is my opinion .
It does not matter which field we look at ,,, these stats apply to every one of them .
If we look around us ,, how many restaurants fail ,, how many coffee shops fail in the first year and so on and so on .
This talk regarding Forex is just giving it a bad name . BUT in reality it is NO different .
Whats makes it sound worse is the fact that due to the simplicity one can open a live account and trade with NO knowledge ,, it is obvious those traders are immediate losers and should NOT be apart of the stats .
The other factor is that many traders go into it HALF BAKED with NO proper preparation and studies , and to make it more worse ,, they start trading live money before they MASTER the game .
In trading most traders do things back to front sadly , hence the reputation it has .

A student of the university of life

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