gespiri replies to: The only thread you will ever need: FX Exposed!


“coinciding with MM lines” I heard that before dear, do you want to elaborate? Best, FF

For example (and I’m following 3 of your analyses…I’m eyeballing this since there are no numbers):
1) EURGBP long target is around 0.8865 which is 9/8 of MM on 1hr
2) USDCAR long target is 1.3427 which is 6/8 of MM on daily
3) GBPJPY….not sure. If long, target is at 145.70 or 10/8 of MM on 1hr (I have a buy on this between 145.35-145.75)

The same goes for E/U and G/U which you read that spot on!

Thanks for the clarification.

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